Who is my Neighbor?

During the London Blitz of WWII, citizens had to rally together in extreme circumstances. Sometimes raising children that were not their own, sleeping in Subway stations, to rise again in the morning to comb through wreckage of the prior nights bombs. These simple red posters were propaganda in the best sense of the word, providing some simple encouragement when the surroundings and challenges pointed to despair. 

Keep Calm and Love your Neighbor is a campaign to be a positive disruption of the current political climate. Encouraging communities to building stronger fabrics by intentional vulnerability, by striving to confront and counter our fears during times that feel less secure.

This simple graphic message is not only a reminder of loving those around us, but embracing their being in the real and physical world, with real physical people living just yards, feet or inches on the other sides of our living room walls. 

Inspired by the teachings of a Palestinian-Jewish carpenter over 200 years ago. Jesus of Nazareth was challenged with the question: Who is our neighbor? He replied with the story of the Good Samaritan.

In the 21st century so much of our daily lives and experience are "lived" in echo chambers of our own making.




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